與 Berkeley Group 一同融入非凡,                   卓越住宅與迷人環境完美結合。






Berkeley Group 在英國倫敦、伯明翰和英格蘭南部建造卓越的住宅和社區。我們專注於品質和設計,精心打造每一間 Berkeley 房屋。憑藉專業的團隊和遍布各地區的辦事處,我們確保選擇 Berkeley Group 英國房地產時獲得無縫體驗。

為何選擇 Berkeley Group


選擇向 Berkeley Group 購買房屋意味著選擇頂級品質、無與倫比的專業知識和卓越的傳統。我們致力於創新設計、永續發展、黃金地段和客戶滿意度,確保明智的投資和經得起時間考驗的住宅。

因屢獲殊榮的住宅以及在設計、建造品質、永續性和客戶服務方面享有盛譽的榮譽而聞名。包括 2021 年 WhatHouse?年度房屋建築商獎。
作為持續發展的先驅,我們在 2017/2018 年實現了碳中和,這是我們商業精神不可或缺的一部分。我們在每個地點優先考慮社區建設、自然保護、生物多樣性和氣候行動。我們兩次榮獲女王持續發展獎。



Area Guides
Property in London
Property Investment in London: A Guide to West London

Choosing where to buy or invest in property in London can sometimes be tricky, particularly when you are unsure of the various areas located throughout the capital city. However, property investment in London is ideal for those looking to purchase residential property in a diverse and well-connected location. Its rich history and plethora of must-see attractions make it popular among tourists and locals who also get to enjoy how well-connected London is to the rest of the world. As part of the Berkeley Group’s diverse portfolio, White City Living, The Green Quarter, and Royal Warwick Square are vibrant new developments located in West London. Find out more by reading our guide to West London.

Nov 17, 2023

In Conversation with the Elite
Benham & Reeves Singapore
In Conversation with the Elite: Doris Tan’s Journey from Banking to Becoming a London Real Estate Veteran

At Berkeley Group, we take immense pride in our Premier Club — an esteemed cohort of our most distinguished agents, celebrated for their unwavering excellence and leadership in the real estate industry. Today, we are honored to introduce Doris Tan, affectionately known as the "Queen of London Properties" within the Singapore overseas property market. With a distinguished career spanning over three decades, Doris has navigated the realms of banking and real estate, establishing herself as a leading agent in international property expertise. Join us as we explore insights on global investments and uncover the motivations driving unparalleled passion for real estate. Welcome, Doris and thank you for doing these quick 10 questions with us! Before jumping into the 10 questions, tell us about yourself: I'm a proud mother of three successful boys who studied in the UK. My career in the real estate industry began in the '70s when I lived and worked in London. After returning to Singapore in the '80s, I joined Lloyds Bank and Hill Samuel. At Hill Samuel, I held the position of director, overseeing the provision of mortgages to high-net-worth individuals purchasing properties in seven countries: New York, London, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. In 1995, I was made head of international property sales at Hill Samuel, a role that allowed me to fully utilize my expertise and passion for international real estate investment. As a banker, I could structure loans and advise on tax matters, which made me a market leader in this area of business, instilling confidence in my clients and colleagues. In 1998, the Asian Financial Crisis hit Asia, and the bank had to refocus on its key business, banking; therefore, the property arm was closed overnight. During this period, I had the opportunity to consider running my own agency, and I gave up private banking to be my own boss. DST International Property Services was founded in 1999. During this period, I successfully sold many properties, especially in London, and was even referred to by many investors as the “Queen of London Properties.” DST had a good run from 1999 until 2011, when JLL purchased my company. I was retained by JLL for four years, helping them grow the business. In 2016, I left JLL to join another consultancy firm before leaving in 2019. In 2019, I joined Benhams and Reeves Singapore, where I have been leading the international property sales department ever since. 1. What sparked your interest in international property? My interest in international property was sparked during my time in London in the '70s when I provided mortgages for London properties. This experience ignited my curiosity about London properties. Upon my return to Singapore and my role at Hill Samuel, where we provided mortgages to seven countries, my passion for international property was further fueled. 2. What keeps you motivated after 30 years in the industry? International properties allow me to learn about the various taxes involved in buying properties in different countries. My main objectives and motivations are the diversity of clientele and understanding their needs and goals. 3. Why did you transition from banking to property, and how has it affected your career? Banking gave me the basics of learning how to make money for high-net-worth individuals, and property is one of the products for capital gains and preservation of wealth, which is a natural progression from private banking. 4. What advice do you have for new property investors? For new investors, the basic rule is to buy within your means. Understanding that property is the only product the bank can lend against, leveraging at a good age to build your portfolio is key. Another important rule is to buy well, meaning an exit plan must exist. 5. How does being a part of the Berkeley Premier Club feel? I feel very honored and a sense of achievement to be recognized. 6. What are some of your favorite Berkeley Group development, and why? Over the years, I have represented Berkeley in many of their projects. The following are my favorites: a. 375 Kensington High Street Located along Kensington High Street, although not on the main thoroughfare, this project was among the first to offer state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. During the initial launch, properties included a parking space, making it very attractive to buyers. b. Chelsea Bridge Wharf This development features a beautifully designed landscape, close to Battersea Park. It is situated across the River Thames from the heart of Chelsea, adding to its appeal. c. Corniche Designed by renowned architect Norman Foster, this development stands out with its creative design, curved units, and balconies offering views of the Houses of Parliament. d. Riverlight Another stunning development along the River Thames, Riverlight offers sweeping views of both the East and West riverbanks. Designed by renowned architect Richard Rogers, this project has been both successful and well-priced. e. White City Living White City excels in connectivity, being close to three major tube stations and adjacent to Westfield Shopping Mall. The landscaping of the entire gardens and setting creates a sense of space and openness that is second to none. f. Oval Village Close to Zone 1 Central London, this site has been transformed into a lively place to live, making it another successful project by Berkeley. g. Silkstream This development is priced well for its location and will be stunning once completed. The inclusion of a 24-hour Sainsbury's below the development adds convenience, and its location along Hendon High Street provides easy access to Central London via Edgware Road. h. Bow Green With its excellent location and design, Bow Green offers a more accessible alternative to White City in the East. It is an excellent investment opportunity. 7. Can you share a standout success story from your client portfolio? In the early days, our clients could sell before completion and assign their contracts, which made hefty gains. Most of the projects from Berkeley Group allowed them to make good profits from their purchases. Riverlight is one good example where my client purchased a two-bed property and sold it at a hefty profit before completion to one of the Saudi princesses. 8. What factors make London a prime investment destination? London remains a world-class city and a haven for investors. It is also known for its education and is one of the world's major financial centers. Additionally, there is no language barrier, and the legal system is similar to that in Singapore, making investment in London easy. 9. Why does London remain resilient despite economic challenges? London remains resilient because it is a diverse society with inhabitants from all over the world. Whenever there is uncertainty, London benefits as people tend to invest or park their funds in stable investment instruments like property in London, which can give approximately 5% gross rental yield. 10. What opportunities do you see for those seeking to expand their investment horizons, and how can one start? For new investors, one should look at some well-priced projects in London. The horizon may be longer based on the current world situation and interest rate hikes. They should consider longer completion projects in good locations, and the amount depends on their risk profile and investible amounts. One objective is to beat inflation in today’s market, and it is always good to stay invested with bank borrowings and leveraging. . As we wrap up our conversation, we're left inspired by Doris's wealth of knowledge and passion for international property. Her career and guidance mark her as a leader in the field. Whether you seek portfolio diversification or international ventures, Doris from B&R Singapore stands ready to assist. 📌You can reach Benham and Reeves Singapore through their website here. Stay tune for our next conversation with our Berkeley Premier Club Agent from Thailand.

Jun 24, 2024

Area Guides
Property Investment in London: A Guide to Kensington & Chelsea

Kensington and Chelsea is one of the most sought-after areas for property investment in London. This exclusive borough is revered worldwide for its atmosphere, upbeat local lifestyle and culture. From its historic museums and high-end fashion outlets to its parks and concert halls, Kensington and Chelsea offer exceptionally strong demand for residential property, and making a property investment here can be a rewarding endeavour. Below, we provide an area guide to Kensington and Chelsea and discuss the benefits of investing in property at Royal Warwick Square, a luxury development by St. Edward, a proud member of the Berkeley Group.

Nov 14, 2023